The Final Candle Restock

It's the perfect time to keep things cosy, and what's cosier than a good book and your favourite candle? With the last of our candle making supplies and the leftovers from previous batches, our final candle restock is upon us. Most of our bestselling previous candles are returning, and we have a few new options to delight.

What's different with the returning candles?

Almost all of the 6oz candles will come in matte white tins.

Unlike previous candles, these candles will not be wrapped in brown paper. 


The Inspiration for The Final Collection

I drew inspiration for The Final Collection, from the history of Potions. Nodding to our two most popular candles first collection, Jamie and Claire, we have Brianna and Rodger Mac


Reminiscent of our Kickstarter candles we have some Honeydukes inspired candles, Jelly Slugs, Cola Fizz, and Sugared Butterflies. As well as our final Wizarding candles, Fred, George, Fleur and Ginny.

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