daffodil -- Potions Illustration

Hey! Welcome to Potions Illustration! I'm Mikaela, professional summer-lover and resident illustrator-in-chief.

Potions Illustration started out as Potions Candle Co., a small candle shop inspired by fictional worlds. Our illustrated candles drew in customers from across the globe, and soon enough we were sending our little scented gems far and wide.

After a few years (and a couple of international moves), Potions Candle Co outgrew it's humble beginnings and needed more space to grow. When this need arose, I realised I'd achieved everything I set out to do with Potions Candle Co, and in the process, I discovered something I adored.

It was with that realisation that I decided to focus on the one aspect of Potions I loved above all else - Illustration. So, from Potions Candle Co, Potions Illustration was born.

I still draw inspiration from the magic of books - be that writing, reading, or simply creating - and share my illustrations on Instagram, as well as Redbubble.

Thank you so much for popping in, I hope you find something here to make you smile.

Larkspur -- Potions Illustration

The Potions -- Potions Illustration

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